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Get to know Krymská

We always knew that our location was cool, but last year our hood got a huge compliment by the New York Times when they mentioned Krymská street as one of their 12 favorites in Europe. We are very happy about all the new small business, workshops, bars and restaurants that keep on popping up here on an almost monthly basis and Czech Inn is proud to have been one of the first to see the potential of this truly picturesque neighborhood with its small houses tucked in cobblestone lanes and some of Prague’s most beautiful parks and views very close by.

And of course we want you to discover all of it too!

So follow us for a walk around the hood…


czech inn hostel prague plevel collage

One of the Czech Inn staff’s all time lunch favorites, Plevel serves delicious – and very healthy – vegan and vegetarian dishes in an atmosphere as cozy as it can get. Imagine your grandma’s place after a little contemporary redecoration. And for those of you who are checking in late, they recently had some good news: burgers are served until midnight now!

Plevel. Krymská 2, open Mo–Sat: 10-24.00, Sunday: 10-22.00

Café v Lese

czech inn hostel prague cafe v lese

Hosting concerts almost every night, Café v Lese (café in the woods) was one of the first ones around the Krymská scene. The coffee cup like looking sign in front of the building was used as the very first warm water tank for a brothel in Prague back in the days. Don’t worry, it’s not there anymore.    

They now have a nice non-smoking café upstairs while the live music, poetry slams and quiz evenings usually take place in the basement.

Café v Lese. Krymská 12, open daily 16-02.00


Bad Flash

czech inn hostel prague bad flash bar

The latest addition to the Krymská family, but we already feel like home! They offer a huge selection of Craft beer, for example by the award-winning family brewery Matuška. Contemporary design (industrial style meets light wood), plus friendly English speaking service and great pickled cheese. Try it. Really. Do.

Bad Flash Bar. Krymská 2, open daily 15-01.00, Sat & Sun 15-02.00





InCider Bar

czech inn hostel prague incider bar

Make sure you get your drink order right in between Zenit and InCider. You all know it, cider is sweet and the bubbles might mess with your head faster than you think. But enough for the warning, you should totally go there and try at least a few of the 40 ciders they have on offer.

InCider Bar. Krymská 26, open daily 16-24.00


Café Sladkovsky

czech inn hostel prague café sladkovsky

Sladkovsky, or “Slad” for many locals, is one of those Prague places. A place where you can go for a relaxed afternoon coffee with a good book, a place for one, two casual after work beers with a good friend, a place where you had that one beer too much and find yourself  in a very existentialist debate about love and life with a stranger at 2 am. It simply has it all. Food is served as well, by the way!

Café Sladkovsky. Sevastopolská 17, open Mo-Fr 10-01.00, Sat 17-01.00, Sun 11-01.00



czech inn hostel strojovna

Need to get some of your clothes fixed? Or simply looking for some inspiration regarding knitting, sewing, upcycling? Visit textile atelier Strojovna down the street…

Strojovna. Krymská 24, open Mo-Fr 10-18.00


Baobab Books

czech inn hostel baobab bookstore

It would be a shame if Krymská was missing a bookshop. The in house publishing company focuses on alternative children’s illustrated books, but there is surely something for everyone. Baobab is also worth a stop for shopping original design souvenirs and postcards.

Baobab. Krymská 29, open Tu-Fr 10.30-18.30, Sat 10.30-14.30


Seasonal Events:

Korso Krymská

Korso Krymska is one of Prague’s most beloved events. Ask any local about their favorite spring festivals – we are sure they will tell you about Korso Krymská. On this day in May all the local businesses join forces and throw a huge block party with food stands, workshops, Djs, a program for kids and much, much more. It’s super cheerful. Just check the above video and book your stay in May…

Zažít město jinak

The Prague initiative Auto*Mat has a vision: less cars in the city and more space for its inhabitants. For meeting your neighbors, getting involved in social activities, supporting the local businesses. That was the idea behind the festival Zažít město jinak (“Experience the city differently”). Once a year, usually in September, a lot of different neighborhoods in Prague organize small festivals and try to get people together – from the Old Town to the housing estates. It’s a perfect opportunity to visit parts of the city where you have never been, or just enjoy one of the last days of summer in our lovely Krymská.