What’s happening with us, Prague, and around Europe.

“I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape—something waits beneath it, the whole story shows.” ~Andrew Wyeth

The above quote by Andrew Wyeth speaks loudly into what autumn and winter in Prague is all about. There is an irreplaceable comfort that lies over the city during these chilly, quiet days that reveals to the traveller a city waiting to be discovered. This is my favorite time to exist in Prague; to walk the winding cobblestone streets throughout the Old Town and Mala Strana, to stumble into an underground pub and drink beer with the locals, to walk through the barren parks, the trees without their leaves uncovering the whole city. Prague feels like its all yours. So if you are here, welcome, and enjoy the stillness.

What else around Prague?
This weather calls for hot tea and soup! If you are out in the center of town I recommend Home Kitchen on Jungmannova 8, Polevka je GRUND at Myslikova 29 or Bistro Soup and Salad on Ujezd 46. A personal favourite of mine is just a several minutes outside center city on tram 8 or 24 Polívkárna on Sokolovska 97 in Karlin. These soups are homemade daily and more than affordable! You can thank me later.

“Caj” in Czech is tea and if tea is calling your name, then be sure to make your way to a cajovna (or teahouse). One can never go wrong with the nation-wide Dobra Cajovna branches. Explore the spirit of the East in Central Europe whilst warming up with a wide variety of teas from all around the world and smoke a shisha (water-pipe), the perfect combination on a cold winters day. Explore Dobra Caj off the Wencelas Square (Vacklavske Namesti 14) or on Purkynova 45. If you want to stay in the area there is a great cajovna on Manesova 55 in Praha 2, called Čajovna pod Stromem Čajovým. Or head off the beaten path to Tea Room in the Tower on Na výšinách 1 in Letna Park. It is a tea room run by a tea club in a tower from 1888! Trust me, try a cajovna and you will never want to go to Starbucks again!

What else at Czech Inn?
Head on down to Czech Inn’s own brick cellar wonder bar where you can find the happiest happy hours, cool events and a friendly crowd. It’s also one of the few fully non-smoking places in Prague. On deck for the autumn and winter seasons: Monday Quiz Nights, live music, movie and popcorn nights, sports on the big screen and a whole lot more. Check the events calendar for what’s on. Our staff is also ready to give you all the best to dos during the cooler months. There’s much to be explored from just outside Czech Inn’s doorstep so you won’t have to go far!