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Welcome to Czech Inn in Prague

Czech Inn is a modern design hostel in a beautifully restored 19th century Prague building. The hostel features its own comfortable bar and cafe, and offers an eclectic mix of accommodation.

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  • 10/31 1:23


    What’s on at Czech Inn’s theBASEMENTbar

    Quiz Night:
    Every Monday @ 8pm
    100 CZK entry per team

    Happy hours: 25 CZK beers every day from 6pm-8pm!

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  • Latte and Wi-Fi? European Hostels Go Upscale

    When you picture a youth hostel, images of Birkenstock-shod backpackers sleeping on ripped sofas may come to mind. No longer. Now there are designer hostels, aimed at “flashpackers,” who want cheap, but contemporary, lodging.
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    -The New York Times, In Transit, USA


  • Affordable, Yet Stylish Accommodations

    ...Czech Inn was, hands down, my favorite! The color palette of black, white and green kept the spaces feeling fresh and modern and so did the lovely chandelier in the center of the room.
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    -EU Jacksonville, Where Florida Begins? Prague: There is someplace like home, US

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