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Welcome to Czech Inn in Prague

Czech Inn is a modern design hostel in a beautifully restored 19th century Prague building. The hostel features its own comfortable bar and cafe, and offers an eclectic mix of accommodation.

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    What’s on at Czech Inn’s theBASEMENTbar

    Quiz Night:
    Every Monday @ 8pm
    100 CZK entry per team

    Happy hours: 25 CZK beers every day from 6pm-8pm!

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  • Latte and Wi-Fi? European Hostels Go Upscale

    When you picture a youth hostel, images of Birkenstock-shod backpackers sleeping on ripped sofas may come to mind. No longer. Now there are designer hostels, aimed at “flashpackers,” who want cheap, but contemporary, lodging.
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    -The New York Times, In Transit, USA


  • Czech out our sister properties…

    If we’re full, we recommend our sister properties in Prague, boutique beauty Miss Sophie’s and backpacker haven, Sir Toby’s.

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